Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

My network of Social Networking

I have Livejournal. Where I write stuff occasionally and repost stuff I find interesting.

I have Delicious, where I collect links. And these links are posted to Livejournal once a day using a handy (slightly hacked) script, which I keep meaning to rewrite.  These also go to andyduckerlinks - but comments on there only get checked once a day, and there's not much conversation there.  Handy if you only want to read my links and nothing else :->

I have Facebook, where I occasionally update my status (and also do event stuff)

I have Twitter, which takes a feed from Delicious and a feed from Facebook.  If you are reading me here and on Facebook then Twitter isn't going to add a lot of value for you, except as an aggregator.  I do occasionally reply to things people have said on there though, but Twitter isn't a great place to hold discussions IMHO - it's declarative, not discursive.  I'm mostly on there so I can read the links that other people post there while I'm waiting for the bus.

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