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What millenium is this again?

Just got an email from Page45 telling me that they have all sorts of cool Scott Pilgrim goodies coming in soon, and that if I want to order them I should let thm know ASAP.

Oooh, thinks I, I know a few people on my flist who are _crazy_ about Scott Pilgrim! I'll point them towards this and let them know.

Oh, hang on, Page 45, despite putting out a monthly email full of lovely reviews, commentary, etc. have no web presence at all. Their web page actually says "Coming soon" dated 2009.

So, how am I supposed to tell others about this? Well, I could cut/paste chunks of their email, but it's on my phone, and I can't easily forward HTML emails to myself, especially ones that have images in them, so that's out of the question.

I guess they'll just have to live without the extra custom.

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