Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Arthur C Clarke thought of everything

One of the characters in The Fountains Of Paradise (still one of my favourite books) talked about enjoying playing a game where, using the in-world version of Wikipedia you'd have to answer questions like "The third-highest scoring baseball team in the year that the fourth warmest summer occurred in the second smallest state". Which sounds like exactly like the kind of thing that Wikipedia could be repurposed to.

Now, this game isn't that. But what it does do is take that idea, cross it with Mornington Crescent, and the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and ask you how quickly you can get from New York City Police Department to Rum.
I got it with: nypd->Police Captain->Lieutenant->Royal Navy->Pirates Of The Caribbean->Curse Of The Black Pearl->Rum.

Think you can do better?

Go here, and play the Wikipedia Game.

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