Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

I haven't even logged into OKCupid in two years!

This arrived in my inbox

So are they saying that I just got a lucky vote (or two) and squeaked my way over the 50% line? That 50.00001% of people on OKCupid are now officially envious of my incredible levels of sexiness? Or are they saying "Here is a new feature, which is bound to offend a lot of our users, and you're in the lucky 50% that's going to be less offended"?

And why do they think that my primary selection criteria is attractiveness? I mean, sure, it doesn't hurt, but if I can't sit down and play Mario Bros with someone, why would I want to date them?

Also - I told them _ages_ ago that I had a girlfriend, which stopped them sending me the weekly "Look! Girls! In your area!" emails, so why do they think that saying "Look! Girls! Attractive ones!" is going to make me dump Julie and go looking for someone else?

I've checked the timestamp on the email - it's definitely not a late one from April 1st...

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