Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Mole and Rat go wild!

Jackie organised a rowing trip on the canal. I didn't get photos of everyone (Roy's boat is sadly entirely missing), but I did get a few cool snaps:

Ducks and Ducklings on the bank. We managed to almost run them over a few times as we zig-zagged erratically from shore to shore. Luckily we never hit any of them (although Kate's oar came close a few times)

Picture taken by Roy - Padmini on prow, Hannah rowing, Kate and me on stern. Hannah was our saviour, as she'd actually rowed before. Kate was staggeringly hungover, but had a good humour about the day, and was great company. When we bumped into Alex's boat a couple of times she handily stole crisps from him.

Hannah and Kate happily pose for the camera.

Morag, Jackie, Kirsty and Erin pass us easily. They did share some pringles with us though.

Hannah showed Padmini how to row. And had a very good humour about her (and my) ineptitude. When Padmini and I shared the oars we managed to zig-zag constantly - but never quite turned ourself round in a circle. We did spend so long going up the aqueduct (because it was half the width of the rest of the canal) that Alex and Morag walked back from the point they were tied up at and dragged the boat along...

Sarah, Alex and Graham. Sarah very graciously lent Kate her glasses, without which Kate's eyes would apparently have boiled out of her head. Did I mention the hangover?

And then we all went home.

Well, we went to the pub. Where Julie joined us for half an hour (sadly just after Jackie had had to take Kirsty home so she could be ready for school tomorrow).

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