Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker


Was mostly spent feeling meh and bleh.

Was woken by the postman at 8am, but managed to go back to sleep until 9:00 when Hugh texted to ask if I was going to a gaming thing. Which I wasn't, because the last couple of weekends haven't been great for me and Julie to get some time to ourselves, and I'm off boating tomorrow. Anyway, at that point I gave up on sleep and slouched on the sofa until Julie woke up.

And then ended up spending most of the rest of the day slouching as well, as I had a constant headache and felt dizzy if I stood up for more than a couple of seconds. I seem to have come down with a minor version of what Hugh, Meredith and Noah were hit by in Dorset. Luckily, without Noah's fine covering of tiny red spots.

Mysteriously, it cleared at around 10pm, when I suddenly, over a period of about a minute, felt increasingly better. I wonder if my body temperature changed back to normal, because I suddenly felt like I had energy and enthusiasm.

I then spent that energy and enthusiasm on converting all of my contacts across to Google. My phone contacts been sitting on my phone/Goosync for the past couple of years, while my email contacts have sat in Thunderbird/Google Contacts (thanks to the wonder of Zindus). However, the new phone will be Google based, so it seemed like time to finally get all of my contacts in the same place. Google's contacts API is only recently mature enough to deal with this - but two hours of deleting contacts I'll never need before, and merging duplicates later, I'm all sorted. And down to 193 contacts from 350-odd, all of whom are identical on Gmail, Thunderbird and my phone. Which is nice.

Also done today: watched the latest How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and Dr Who. Of which the third was the most disappointing. Oh, and watched the latest Lost and Vampire Diaries over Julie's shoulder while I faffed feebly on the laptop. Roll on True Blood series 3 and Mad Men series 4!

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