Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Not the world's best timing

I left my phone on the bus today.  With almost no charge on it, so that I called it twice (to no avail) and then it turned itself off.

So I've called Lost Property for the bus company, but they won't get anything until tomorrow morning.

And I wouldn't actually mind that much in some ways, because I'm able to upgrade to an HTC Desire as of this weekend, and three days without a phone would probably actually be good for me.

However, I'm also off on holiday for 5 days as of Friday, and negotiating being picked up at trains stations, etc. is much easier with a mobile, as is keeping in touch with Julie while I'm away.

Fingers crossed the phone turns up for tomorrow morning.  If not I'll be making some sort of emergency phone provision...

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