Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Inching slowly into the future

It's funny how very few views of the future see it as being just a bit crap.

You tend to get either gleaming spires of perfect diamond, horrible post-apocalyptic wastelands, or gleaming spires of perfect diamond towering over downtrodden masses whose faces are ground down by their spire-living bastard overlords.

What you don't seem to get are gleaming spires whose air conditioning systems are a bit wonky, and which reflect the light into the faces of the office workers downstairs in a way which constantly threatens to give them a nagging headache.

Possibly it's not dramatic enough.

All of which is by way of noting that I am officially living in The Future, as the bus has free wi-fi on it as it carries me to the airport, there to battle against the volcano gods themselves by travelling to furthest Exeter. But the bus is quite shaky, and I'm slightly worried about the effect the vibrations are having on the hard drive, let alone on my typing ability. And when I opened Firefox, with 18 tabs open, mostly on pages useful to the Python code I keep meaning to get back to, every single one of them opened on the "Airlink - click here to accept our terms and conditions" page.

I guess I have a lot of googling in my future. But the new pages I find won't be quite as perfect in their explanations as I'm sure the ones I already found would have been, had I actually got around to looking at them.

I also guess that you do get stories about the slightly rubbish things in life, but they tend to be comedies like The Office (if taken literally) or Hitchhiker's Guide (if dressed up in SF clothing).

Anyway, off to see the folks in Devon. Julie following tomorrow, because she was supposed to be busy today. Only she got food poisoning instead, so she couldn't actually do the work she needed to. Mind you, she also couldn't have taken the plane either, so it's probably a good thing.

Looking forward to it, as I'm seeing an old school friend (Ravinder/Ravs/Ravi) who was semi-adopted by my parents. Not in any legal sense, they just get on well, he had occasional issues with his own parents, and so it's ended up that I've seen him once in 10 years and they see him about three times a year, met his (now) wife before I did, and have met his kid too. So this time round I insisted they let me know when Ravs was coming down so that I could see him myself. Fingers crossed I should actually get to spend a nice long weekend catching up.

With any luck we'll even still like each other.

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