Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Electric Sheep

Back at the dawn of time (2003) there was a webcomics site called Electric Sheep that made some fantastic, odd, experimental, gorgeous, varied webcomics. I looked forward to every update to see what they'd do next.

They went completely silent for a while, caught up in money troubles, but have now reappeared, and are trying to raise $6,000 dollars to get them started back up again (and prove there's a possible audience). They're looking for a couple of dollars per supporter - and it's being done through, which means that if they don't reach their goal then you won't get charged a cent. They're currently on $4,000 - so if you remember them from your misspent youth, and want to see more then head over there and pledge some of your hard earned cash.

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