Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Dr Who

I actually liked it quite a lot - except for one bit.

I've basically plonked the Moffat Dr Who as "Well written kid's TV" - more obviously so than RTDs - and thus I don't require things to make _actual_ sense, just to be vaguely internally consistent to the same level as, say, fairy-tales.

This being the case I could have done with a bloody explanation of why having the android recall his human side would any effect on his blowing up! Spitfires in Space, though, I was fine with. Possibly this was because I'd seen them in the trailer though.

Julie, on the other hand, just wanted Ms Pond to stab the Dr with a flagpole and then steal the box to have adventures by herself. Heck, she could even pick up a companion of her own if she fancied it.

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