September 25th, 2021


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Life with two kids: nursery costs

Having discussed this a few times with people, generally to their amazement, I thought I'd mention it more generally:

Our nursery costs for 2 kids: £2060/month.
That's with discounts for a sibling, it being cheaper for older kids, and Sophia getting free hours because she's over 3. It's £726 for Sophia, £1334 for Gideon

They'll both be in nursery for the next 2 years, after which life will get a lot cheaper as she goes to school and it's just him in nursery.

The government will give us £2k per year for each child towards that, which will drop our total yearly costs from £24,720 to £20,720. Yay!

Not looking for sympathy towards this. It just seems to be a hole in people's knowledge and I thought it was worth mentioning.

It's definitely worth wondering how people *not* in their 40s would manage this without leaving a 5-7 year gap in someone's CV (Almost certainly the woman.)

(And having now been in three nurseries in Edinburgh, the prices are all very similar to each other.)
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