September 8th, 2021


Interesting Links for 08-09-2021

By Design - How white communists, socialists, feminists, and capitalists tried to engineer society using kitchen design.
(tags:society kitchens history USA ViaDrCross )
UK to introduce health and social care tax to pay for reforms
(tags:uk tax nhs )
How Sri Lanka's overnight flip to total organic farming has led to an economic disaster
(tags:food organic epicfail farming )
The details of how the NHS/Social care budget increase is being levied seem pretty reasonable to me. Am I missing anything?
(tags:tax uk nhs )
A request for guides on how to communicate effectively with autistic people
(tags:autism communication )
Someone at The Guardian edited Judith Butler's opinions on transphobes out of their interview with her
(tags:lgbt transgender guardian bigotry )
An initial response from the IFS to the announcement on health, social care and National Insurance
(tags:economics tax NHS UK )
The here matrix teaser is fun
(tags:matrix movies )
There are many benefits to being a marine biologist (or How the internet can turn anything into a meme)
(tags:meme Ocean funny )
How to be neurotypical
(tags:neurodiversity funny satire )
Somali feminist: Facebook is being used to silence me
(tags:Facebook censorship somalia OhForFucksSake )
Government says polluters can dump risky sewage into rivers as Brexit disrupts water treatment
(tags:waste UK Europe rivers Doom )
The US health care system has collapsed.
(tags:USA healthcare pandemic )
The world's biggest carbon removal machine has just been turned on (too expensive, but will hopefully get cheaper over time)
(tags:co2 technology )

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