August 19th, 2021


Life with two kids: an unreasonably busy morning

This morning has involved an early start at nursery (because of a medical appointment - all fine), a rush across town to said medical appointment, getting 9/10 of the way there, getting a phone call from nursery saying a carer has had a positive lateral flow test and the room will be closed for two days, leaving Jane for her checkup while I pushed Gideon all the way back to nursery because there were no buses for 20 minutes, telling my work that I'll be starting my week's holiday two days early, picking Sophia up, meeting Jane after her checkup (to reiterate, all fine), walking back to nursery, dropping off Gideon for his second settle session, and walking to a nearby cafe to have breakfast and write this before we pick Gideon up in an hour.

I think I'd like a lie down now (but I won't get one today, because Sophia is off.)
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