July 13th, 2021


Life with two kids: Adventures in the hearing trade

When Gideon was born they did a hearing test, which showed that one side was just fine, and the othe side was a bit clogged. So they made a note to set us up for a hearing test at 3 months.

And then, when the appointment letter arrived we were away, so he ended up being more like 5 months old. Which is old enough that when you attach a cold metal strip to their forehead they wake the hell up and let you know their displeasure. And we tried this on two successive appointments, to see if we could make it work, but alas no.

So they scheduled him in for something nearer 9 months, which became 10 ½ months,and which is where I was this morning with him. We had a nice relaxing bus journey into the hospital together (only 15 minutes away).

Sadly, he has hardly been socialised at all. Only three people who aren't me or Jane have held him, and none of them have managed more than ten seconds.

The screaming started when we got to the reception, and the receptionists dared to talk to me. He then calmed down, and was happy playing in the waiting area. I could tell when the hearing specialist came to collect us, by the screaming starting again.

It then stayed for the next 20 minutes while they vainly tried to test the hearing of a child whose voice was louder than the noises they were trying to test him with. They were very understanding, and have dealt with this a lot over the last year, but it can't be any fun for them.

But he starts nursery in just over a month, so we've scheduled in another appointment for 4-ish months from now, and we'll see if that goes any better.
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Covid in Scotland: Over the hump?

Cases in Scotland are moving in the right direction again.

There are probably three factors to this.
1) Scotland got knocked out of the football.
2) Schools closed on the 23rd of June.
3) Vaccinations are cutting into the biggest spreading groups.

I'm curious which one it was. School was definitely a major spreader. But on the other hand, if we look at who was getting infected, it looks a little old for school to be the main driver:

Vaccinations are definitely being aimed at the right places:

Although it would be nice if more people in their 20s and 30s (and 40s) would get themselves vaccinated:

In any case, I shall keep my fingers crossed that things keep improving, and that we can vaccinate people fast enough to keep the numbers down.
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