July 2nd, 2021


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Sainsbury don't seem to understand that families shop together (and incrementally)

We have a Sainsbury shopping account, complete with delivery subscription. I use it to make our regular food/household stuff orders.

If Jane also wants something picked up she can't just add it to the shopping basket herself, I have to either log in on a device and then hand her control, or she has to tell me and then I put things in the basket for her.

It seems like the most obvious thing in the world that I should be able to have a shared basket with her.

On top of which, the way the whole thing works seems more aimed to Amazon-style shopping, where you choose everything you want, and then checkout when you're done. Amending an order is a huge faff, requiring you to effectively uncheckout and then go back through a 4 step checkout each time.

Whereas I want to be able to make a note of everything I want, as I encounter each new thing during the week, and then trigger the "and now check out" process when I want it to happen. Either manually when there's something I need, or automatically when we get to the normal day for deliveries. And also, as mentioned above, give other people permission to update the shopping list.

Does any shopping app work that way?
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