June 25th, 2021


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Looks like I won't be getting Windows 11 any time soon

Microsoft decided to make TPM* mandatory for Windows 11.

My computer, despite being bought in 2016, and having a processor released in 2015, doesn't support this**.

So I guess I'll be stuck on Windows 10 for the forseeable. At least the minimum requirements for Windows 10 were basically the same as for Windows 7***

I guess that by the time Windows 10 goes out of support (October 2025) I'll have had this PC for a decade. But it works well, runs every game I want to play, and it feel very wrong to obsolete it because MS put in a requirement for some technology that they could totally run without if they wanted to.****

Ah well, hopefully something will change in the next 4 years!

*A security technology that verifies that your operating system hasn't been tampered with by hackers.
**Intel i5-6600k on an Asus Z170m-Plus motherboard.
*** 1Ghz processor, 1GB RAM, not that I'd want to run either OS in that little RAM.
****They could even check your motherboard/CPU was recent enough to support it, and insist you turned it on if so.

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