April 3rd, 2021


Interesting Links for 03-04-2021

FactCheck: how effective are masks at stopping Covid-19 spread?
(tags:Pandemic virus )
World War One: Edinburgh Zeppelin raid was Scotland's first air blitz
(tags:wwi Edinburgh history balloon viaDanielDWilliam )
No more lockdowns likely with Covid to be 'treated like flu' says Chris Witty
(tags:Pandemic disease UK )
Revealing the Ineffectiveness of Early British Night-Bombing Raids of WWII
(tags:wwii airplanes explosives history viaDanielDWilliam )
Loot boxes are basically gambling and should be regulated
(tags:regulation gambling games )
An independent Scotland would face a whole host of problems, but prosperity is possible in the long term
(tags:Scotland independence thefuture )
Revealed: How Conservatives sat on report into racism within Tory Party
(tags:racism conservatives )
Racism review authors attack wilful misrepresentation of controversial report
(tags:racism uk )
The UK's racism report is deliberately misusing and misrepresenting its sources
(tags:racism UK fraud )
Thank God I've Left My Twenties Behind
(tags:age )
What are the odds of Chuck Tingle?
(tags:hugo scifi porn writing abuse fandom )
British Psychological Society's response to the report of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities
(tags:UK racism viaPatrickHadfield )
Tree of the day
(tags:trees art video viaPatrickHadfield )
How Yoda is translated worldwide
(tags:language StarWars translation )
Here's Keir Starmer visiting an outspokenly homophobic church
(tags:labour LGBT religion homophobia OhForFucksSake )

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