February 10th, 2021


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It's a wintry day in the neighbourhood

Yesterday, after the latest big snow fall, there was a lot of discussion on the street WhatsApp group (set up after the lockdown a year ago), as to how we could make the street passable for deliveries. Because we have multiple older people here, and lots of people who get shopping delivered, and the road is a cul-de-sac with a downward sloping entrance, so when it's snowy it can be hard to get out of the street. And because we're small (only about 50 houses) we don't tend to get gritting lorries.

And then a bunch of digging happened while we were out sledging, so I felt guilty about not looking after the neighbours. So last night I bought a snow shovel, and this morning spent an hour or so digging tire tracks free of snow so that there was traction.

And with several locals helping out, and Sophia (and other kids) wandering back and forth it was actually pretty lovely and a nice neighbourhood experience. We didn't move here for the people, but it's been nice to find somewhere that actually does feel like a neighborhood
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