January 1st, 2021


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Life with two kids: End of year development update

Sophia has started doing proper imaginative play in the last two weeks. She's gone from only playing with objects as they are to making "cups of tea" and "ice cream" for her teddy, and then serving it up to them. I get invited to play too, but there's a high rate of me mistaking the tea for the ice-cream and getting told off, followed by repeated demonstrations of how exactly I should be eating/drinking it.

She's also been delighted by movies a bit more, and asking more questions. I think she's starting to engage with them as a whole, rather than a sequence of amusing things. Which has led to her favourite Disney movie being Cinderella, because it doesn't have any real scary moments in it (unusual for a Disney movie).

She regularly helps me make dinner. Which means it takes twice as long, but is generally entertaining. And today she helped me empty my coat pockets, where we found a padlock from when we had stuff in storage last year and a receipt from our valentine trip to Pitlochry in 2018 two months before Sophia was born. So clearly a very useful child.

Oh, and she's now singing songs to herself a lot. Particularly Jingle Bells and Hey Diddle Diddle.

Favourite books at the moment: Billy Goats Gruff, Hugless Douglas (several), and a Haunted House pop-up book that belonged to Jane when she was a child.

Gideon has also transformed in the last week. He's stopping being just a sausage who demands food intermittently, and taking a real interest in his surroundings. He giggles intermittently, including when Jane tickles him, and clearly pays much more attention to what's going on around him. It's hard to explain the difference, but he seems to be looking around with intent and engaging more rather than blankly taking in colours and movement like a sponge. He's also making a lot more noises, with his latest favourite being a pterodactyl screech. I'm loving getting responses from him and it's helping me bond to him a lot more.

And they are delighted with each other. He smiles at her whenever she comes to look at him, and she enjoys any reaction she can get out of him. She's still disappointed he can't play games, but she enjoys what she can get. Except when he grabs her hair, which is his reaction to anything touching his hands.

Overall they're incredibly time consuming (the only time I get to myself is when they're both napping, and that's mostly spent cleaning up the mess), but it's totally worthwhile and entertaining. Lucky really, as nurseries are all closed until at least the 18th!
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