December 29th, 2020


I've been suspended by Twitter. Can you help?

I got suspended by Twitter. Whenever I try to use it I get this:

There is, obviously, nothing wrong with that tweet. Multiple other people have tweeted the same link with no issues. I've appealed the suspension, but they currently have a banner up saying "Our support team is experiencing some delays for reviews and responses right now, but we encourage you to report all potential issues."

If you know anyone at Twitter, or feel up to causing a fuss by tweeting at the Twitter Support account, I would really appreciate it.

I really don't want to arbitrarily delete a tweet just because it tripped a setting somewhere. And clearly their support systems suck. But there are a bunch of people that I only really keep in contact with via Twitter, and I also get a ton of interesting stuff via there.

(My account is [personal profile] andrewducker and support is [profile] twittersupport)
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