December 1st, 2020


Interesting Links for 01-12-2020

How about, rather than having a camera down your throat you swallow a camera?
(tags:camera healthcare )
Banning high stakes fixed-odds betting terminals meant people gambled £700m less - and without the huge job losses predicted
(tags:gambling UK )
Scottish homes to be first in world to use 100% green hydrogen (to replace gas in boilers and cookers)
(tags:hydrogen heating cooking Scotland )
What You Can Learn From Hunter-Gatherers' Sleeping Patterns (it's not what you think)
(tags:sleep humans )
Every NHS and social care worker in Scotland to receive £500 'thank you'. (And £100 for every family with a child getting free school meals)
(tags:Scotland NHS money )
The UK's farmers face upheaval, but a reform to subsidies is needed
(tags:UK farming subsidies reform )
Nearly 250 million workers strike in India
(tags:India strike rights )
Great, the transphobes and the antisemites are in cahoots
(tags:WTF bigotry LGBT transgender Jews conspiracy )
"How I Made a Self-Quoting Tweet"
(tags:Twitter recursion )
The inspiration for the scotch egg looks pretty delicious
(tags:food )
Google's AI handles protein folding, a previously unsolvable problems
(tags:AI protein impressive )
DeepMind's superhuman intelligence - what does it say about the future of AI?
(tags:AI protein thefuture )
UK supermarkets won't deliver to under 18s. Students who are isolating are told to order online. I see a problem...
(tags:shopping UK pandemic students age )
Some of these Nativity scenes are a bit... unorthodox
(tags:Christmas funny )

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A question about Gods, Children, and Devouring

Kronos devoured his children. Zeus devoured Athena (kind of). So there's a definite history of gods devouring their children.

But there doesn't seem to be any mythological cases of children devouring their parents (to gain their power, or whatever).

Which seems weird to me, because I can't let any of my fingers near Gideon without him attempting to chew them off!

What am I missing?
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