November 27th, 2020


Interesting Links for 27-11-2020

First 'clear evidence' of hallucinogens at cave art site found
(tags:archeology hallucinogenics prehistory USA )
Grouse shooting estates to be licenced
(tags:Scotland land regulation birds )
British coal plants fired up to meet temporary electricity shortfall
(tags:electricity coal UK )
MPs demand Amazon explain why Alexa offers messages from antisemitic websites and conspiracy theories
(tags:bigotry Jews Amazon OhForFucksSake )
Fun and games with camera tricks
(tags:illusion video )
Fucking, Austria changes name to Fugging
(tags:names swearing Austria )
Claims the UK has 'maxed out' its credit card are bad economics
(tags:economics UK )
Channel 4 to focus on online audiences in shift away from TV
(tags:TV channel4 internet UK )
Leaf-cutter ants are coated in rocky crystal armor, never before seen in insects
(tags:armour ants materials )
Have a lovely Christmas story
(tags:Christmas shopping food viaPatrickHadfield )
Separating deposit-taking from investment banking: new evidence on an old question
(tags:Banking investment banks )
Robots on the rise as Americans experience record job losses amid pandemic
(tags:robots automation jobs pandemic )
Government secretly deployed British troops to defend Saudi Arabian oil fields
(tags:uk military saudiarabia )
Oslo got pedestrian and cyclist deaths down to zero. Here's how
(tags:transport cities design cars safety death norway )
UK Household wealth tripled in the last twenty years. Where did all that wealth come from?
Simple overview at
(tags:UK wealth economics tax )

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