November 20th, 2020


Interesting Links for 20-11-2020

Meteor breaks up over ocean in incredible footage
(tags:meteor Ocean video )
Boris Johnson pledges laser guns
(tags:lasers wtf military UK BorisJohnson )
Nigella Lawson butters her toast twice, and Britain is really angry about it
(tags:food funny )
Anyone interested in a script from the recent She-Ra remake?
(tags:TV animation scripts writing )
FactCheck: Is this a green revolution? (and what do government announcements add up to? l
(tags:environment UK government Conservatives )
IBM Apologizes For Firing Computer Pioneer For Being Transgender...52 Years Later
(tags:IBM computers history LGBT transgender )
Internalized gender-focused attitudes affect health, career prospects
(tags:gender money health society jobs )
I see the Conservatives are turning in to fascists again
(tags:OhForFucksSake UK conservatives )
On Not Meeting Nazis Halfway
(tags:politics society compromise )
Here's what happens when some idiot decides to store two tons of sodium in their garage
(tags:OhForFucksSake safety UK chemistry )
I see Labour's civil war is going swimmingly
(tags:labour OhForFucksSake )
Covid: Why stricter rules for Glasgow but not for Edinburgh?
(tags:Scotland Glasgow Edinburgh pandemic )
When AI Sees a Man, It Thinks 'Official.' A Woman? 'Smile'
(tags:AI bias )
The big dish of Arecibo observatory has reached the end of the line
(tags:astronomy history )
When women can't get divorced, murder is the alternative
(tags:murder women abuse history )
Covid in Scotland: When will we be vaccinated?
(tags:UK Scotland thefuture vaccine pandemic )

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