November 17th, 2020


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My Tuesday

I was describing my day to a friend, and realised that many of my days seem like this one - one event after another, and that it didn't seem terribly exciting to me (if it weren't my life) and that I didn't feel like they were really worth writing down.

But I thought you might enjoy it anyway. At least to see what an ordinary, if ongoing, day looked like.

We went to Sainsbury this morning, once Sophia was in nursery and Gideon was dressed and changed, to try and take advantage of an offer, but couldn't find anything we wanted.

So we came home and found the cleaner here - and she wasn't supposed to be here until next week (she does alternate Tuesdays, and missed last week because she's ill).

So we hadn't tidied, the place was a complete mess because we've had Sophia at home the last week or so, and we had to go out again because Jane doesn't like being in the house with the cleaner here.

And then the vacuum cleaner broke, so I dashed back to Sainsbury to buy a vacuum cleaner on the special offer (while Jane did pick up at nursery, which she almost never does) and discovered that they'd sold out of the one we wanted.

So I leaped on a bus that should have allowed me to join Jane for the pickup, but it got delayed by five minutes because the lights on the top floor weren't working properly so they stopped the bus while they moved us all downstairs.

And eventually I got off the bus, met up with Jane as she was heading home from pickup, walked home with her, made tuna/sweetcorn/pasta for dinner because we were all worn out by the excitement, and watched Only Connect and the first half of University Challenge interspersed with throwing Sophia in the air and doing puzzles with her. Which was nice.

Oh, and then, unusually, Jane settled Sophia (I usually do it) which took her a little over an hour, while I looked after Gideon.

He was only interested in about thirty minutes of alternating between Demon's Souls videos and chatting before he started complaining about the lack of mum/sleep, and it took me about another ten minutes to discover that the answer to him not shouting a lot was to make up verses to the Skye Boat Song while pacing back and forth between the living room and kitchen. Which took me the last half an hour before Jane returned from getting Sophia over and we retired to bed.

Once I was there my friend Kate asked how my day was, and I told her, and then I rewrote it into this post (interrupted only briefly by Gideon throwing up on Jane). And so here we are.
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