November 12th, 2020


Interesting Links for 12-11-2020

"My experience as a poll worker in Pennsylvania"
(tags:USA voting )
Dwayne Johnson is rebooting The Scorpion King
(tags:movies )
So, how is the USA managing its Covid-19 response?
(tags:USA pandemic epicfail )
Our Brains Have Two Distinct "Beauty Centres": One For Art And One For Faces
(tags:beauty faces art psychology brain neuroscience )
Being More Authentic On Social Media Could Improve Your Wellbeing (I suspect that being more authentic generally would do the trick, hiding who you are is exhausting and stressful)
(tags:psychology happiness socialmedia )
Boris Johnson picks pro-fracking Tory MP who has campaigned against wind farms as 'climate change champion'
(tags:globalwarming conservatives OhForFucksSake )
Capital gains tax: Rate should double, says government review
(tags:UK tax )
Behold! The most Irish of all films!
(tags:Ireland movies satire trailer funny )
A focus group on Trump voters finds out what they really think. (Interesting on defunding the police)
(tags:voting usa )
COVID-19 Daily Dashboard for Scotland (broken down by neighborhood)
(tags:pandemic Scotland visualisation viaDanielDWilliam )
The Polls Weren't Great. But That's Pretty Normal.
(tags:polls USA politics )
Good statues of women
(tags:women statue )
Japanese town deploys Monster Wolf robots to deter bears
(tags:robots wolves bears )
How Brexit will make it much much harder for artists and musicians to tour in Europe
(tags:music Europe UK Doom )
New project at Oxford University explores the origins of money
(tags:money prehistory research )
Politics versus policy, and why the approach of Johnson and Cummings to exercising power is going so badly
(tags:politics government UK )
There is no evidence that suicides have increased 200% under lockdown
(tags:suicide pandemic )
Will government lockdown shopping loopholes destroy the high street?
(tags:shopping UK doom )

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