October 10th, 2020


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Life with two kids: Trapped with both of them

On Wednesday evening we got a text from the nursery telling us that there was a confirmed case of Covid-19 in Sophia's room. Which means that she (along with all of the carers and children from that room) have to isolate for the next two weeks.

Jane, Gideon, and I only have to isolate if she actually develops symptoms, which seems very unlikely from my understanding. But as she can't leave the house, that means one of us has to be at home with her at all times, so our daily wanders have come to a pause.

I'm not actually that worried, it's just frustrating, and of course while having Sophia at home for four months because nursery was closed merely kept us on our toes, not being able to take her out to run off her energy, while simultaneously not being able to explain it to her, is much harder.

On Thursday night a bunch of local kids (aged 3-6) were playing football in the street. And it's only about a week since she started showing an interest in hanging out in proximity to them. So telling her that she couldn't go out to watch was heartbreaking.

If anyone has any advice, or materials, for explaining this kind of thing to a two year old then please do let me know. I've had a go, but I'm fairly sure it just bounced off. And I'm also pretty sure she doesn't have a good enough grasp of time to understand how long it's going to be.
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