October 5th, 2020


Life with two kids: The quality of sleep

Sophia brought home a cold in the middle of last week, and it's been going through the family, with Sophia being snot filled Thursday-Saturday, and Jane and Gideon being sick Sunday and today.

Last night this led to Gideon sleeping even worse than his usual "awake every two hours". I had to use the nose sucker twice to clear things out. And a few times I was woken up by what sounded like an old man drowning in their own phlegm.

Sophia, on the other hand, I got over to sleep just before 10pm, and then slept all the way through to 6:30. Which is absolutely unheard of, to the point where I snuck carefully in to her room at 4am to make sure she was still breathing. Hopefully this isn't just because she's getting over her cold, but is instead a sign that she's getting more comfortable with her new bed. We shall see.
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I got lucky with my Parental Leave

I felt awkward about this, as I tend to feel awkward about things where I'm doing better than most. But if people don't know what's possible, and available elsewhere, then they may never realise there's something to aim for.

Earlier this year, following a company merger, the company started merging together its policies so that they were the same. And also bringing some of them up to date so that they matched what our competitors were offering.

And amongst those was the parental leave. Which is six months fully paid for either parent.

Yes, I know, I was boggled too. And so very, very grateful when it was brought into force in July, just two months before Gideon was born.

This means that I'll be at home working together with Jane to raise Gideon until March. This feels massive to me.

(And on top of that he's not even as hard to raise as Sophia was. He's a lot more placid. We're still not getting much sleep - but being woken every couple of hours at night is much less stressful if you know you don't have to get 8 hours of work done the next day.)
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