August 19th, 2020


Interesting Links for 19-08-2020

Would you like to listen to some butt music from hell? (As painted by Hieronymus Bosch)
(tags:music hell painting ViaDrCross )
Small Pleasures Are Just As Important For Our Wellbeing As Long-Term Goals
(tags:happiness psychology pleasure )
The Greek government is taking refugees out to sea and then leaving them there
(tags:murder refugee OhForFucksSake greece )
Want to keep predators away from your cattle? Paint eyes on their butts
(tags:predator cows eyes )
40 Wholesome Middle-Age Success Stories
(tags:MiddleAge success life )
Belarus president: "Until you kill me, there will be no new elections"
(tags:politics belarus dictators )
Scientists calculate that the top 200 meters of ocean alone contains up to 21 million metric tons of plastic. And that wasn't even counting microfibers.
(tags:plastic Ocean Doom )
Coronavirus: UK to ramp up household testing
(tags:Pandemic testing UK )
This is what coronavirus could do to our offices and homes
(tags:disease work organisation architecture design )
Looks like I fit male and female stereotypes almost entirely equally
(tags:stereotypes quiz psychology )
Highland polar bear Hamish to leave Scotland
(tags:bears scotland )
Julian Assange: condemned by his own actions
(tags:JulianAssange )
How many pieces can a puzzle have?
Of course you also get weird-shaped puzzles. I had great fun with one last time I visited my parents that had puzzle pieces carved into the shape of skulls, gargoyles, etc.
(tags:puzzles design mathematics )
The town where it snowed chocolate
(tags:chocolate Switzerland )
Why a Baker's Dozen is 13 Instead of 12
(tags:history cooking bread numbers )

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