August 3rd, 2020


Family conflict

We just handed Sophia over to nursery for the first time in four and a half months.
I feel really weird and conflicted about this.
On the one hand she's been before and she adjusted within days when she switched to it, and was even actively excited some days when she went.
On the other hand she was clearly very nervous verging on scared this morning when I handed her over, and she hasn't had to deal with other people in months and when she does see other people is clearly very worried by them.
On the other other hand that's probably not good for her, and with my mild introversion and Jane's major introversion she's liable to turn into a hermit unless we push her out in to the world.
But I'm going to miss having her around all the time, and her general presence, which I find very comforting.
But I will suddenly be able to concentrate for long periods, and not spend half my day trying to work out how to entertain her. Time to myself will be *lovely*.
But I will miss our long walks.
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