July 21st, 2020


Interesting Links for 21-07-2020

During Coronavirus Lockdowns, Some Doctors Wondered: Where Are the Premature Babies
What's particularly interesting is that the virus must have been affecting pretty much *every* mother in order to have this kind of effect.
*Or* being indoors during lockdown has a protective effect from something else.

(tags:babies virus pandemic viaElfy )
Government admits that NHS Test and Trace programme is unlawful
(tags:UK privacy pandemic OhForFucksSake )
Brexit: Food shortage fears as three quarters of UK hauliers face being locked out of EU
(tags:UK Europe trade doom transport )
Funding to stop female genital mutilation reduced by 76 per cent despite hundreds of new cases each month
(tags:fgm UK OhForFucksSake )
Soviet bus stops looked *amazing*
(tags:buses design Russia history )
A Letter On Justice And Open Debate
(tags:jkrowling bigotry transgender lgbt )
RBS tells its staff to carry on working from home until next year
(tags:work homes pandemic rbs )
People's need for structure has a significant impact on someone's likelihood to call something fake news — an effect that was particularly strong for Republicans
(tags:psychology news fraud )
EU leaders seal deal on spending and €750bn Covid-19 recovery plans
(tags:Europe pandemic )
Russia report: UK deliberately avoided investigating Russian interference into the Brexit referendum
(tags:UK Europe referendum Russia OhForFucksSake intelligence )

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