June 5th, 2020


Interesting Links for 05-06-2020

Calls for anti-racist education to be taught in Scottish schools
(tags:Scotland racism education )
Bangalore has 12M residents and only 385 Covid-19 cases. Here's why
(tags:India pandemic )
Woman loses bid for Irish epitaph on mother's grave
(tags:Ireland language death )
How The Lockdown Sex Ban Could 'Break The Chain' Of HIV Transmission
(tags:pandemic hiv )
The chair of the US joint chiefs of staff reminds the military that the constitution safeguards freedom of both speech and assembly
Amazing that they should feel they need to
(tags:USA military freedom )
Coronavirus: No 10 fails to deny reports Boris Johnson told Italian PM he wanted 'herd immunity'
(tags:pandemic BorisJohnson )
Why telepathy (and other psychic nonsense) used to be popular in science fiction. And now isn't.
(tags:scifi telepathy )
Police in Norway Haven't Killed Anyone in Nearly 10 Years (2014 article, but pertinent right now)
(tags:police USA viaCharlesStross )
How much do we need the police?
(tags:police USA )
How the UK paid off its slave owners, and kept paying off until 2015
(tags:slavery UK history )
Coronavirus: Patients refusing treatment because of fake news on social media
(tags:NHS lies pandemic socialmedia OhForFucksSake )
Public inquiry into Edinburgh tram project has now lasted longer than the building of line itself
(tags:Edinburgh trams )
Labour coming out with exactly the kind of nonsense welfare policy ideas that means I wouldn't vote for them. Must be a day with a Y in it.
(tags:Labour welfare OhForFucksSake )
Divorces rise by 30% in Saudi Arabia after quarantine uncovers polygamous husbands
(tags:divorce saudiarabia polygamy pandemic viaElfy )

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