March 2nd, 2020


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Oops, I did it again*

Everyone, welcome "Thor"**, who we are very-much looking forward to meeting up close in September!

If anyone has been wondering why Jane has been less visible than usual recently (or more nauseous, exhausted, etc) then you can all blame it on the distant sound of thunder.

We are very excited about it, and apologise to anyone who was expecting us to start being more social any time soon.

*Where "I" is "we" and "Oops" is "Due to several months of monitoring hormones and trying at the right time even when you're not in the mood, which is as much fun as it sounds, particularly when you're trying to do so under the watchful eye of a toddler who wants to be with you all the time"
**Yes, George, I know you temporarily named yours Thor as well when he was born early, but we've been calling FutureBaby "Thor" for over a year now, and we're not renaming Loki's sibling just for you.

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