January 24th, 2020


Interesting Links for 24-01-2020

Is Your Child an Elder God, Fae Changeling, Keanu Reeves, or Just a Kid?
(tags:children KeanuReeves funny viaSwampers )
The Church of England can, as usual, fuck right off
(tags:LGBT ChurchOfEngland sex marriage OhForFucksSake )
I love that Doctor Who is still making stories with some of the very original cast in them.
(tags:drwho )
Gaelic becomes default language for pupils starting school in Western Isles
(tags:Scotland language )
Some people are just ridiculously talented
(tags:sports skills amazing video )
How Facebook allows political ads to lie to you
(tags:advertising lies Facebook politics )
A serious umbrella malfunction.
(tags:funny viaSwampers video )
Did you know that Russia was cancelled?
(tags:Russia funny )
Puberty blockers can be life-saving drugs for trans teens
(tags:puberty hormones transgender mentalhealth )
The Good Place Is the Last Great Sitcom on Network TV
(tags:tv philosophy )
Interpolating Pixel Art and Sprites with AI
In other words, adding extra frames between the manually drawn ones to smooth out the motion.
There certainly used to be a lot of people whose jobs were to draw these by hand for cartoons and the like...

(tags:animation ai viaMyBrotherMike )
Legalising same sex marriage caused dramatic fall in suicides across Sweden and Denmark
(tags:suicide LGBT marriage Sweden Denmark )
The ugliest colour in the world
(tags:colour )
I Can't Show You How Pink This Pink Is
(tags:colour video viaSwampers )
On what date was Britain at its absolute best?
(tags:UK history funny TV computers )
The top 2019 Wikipedia pages
(tags:wikipedia )

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