October 3rd, 2019


Interesting Links for 03-10-2019

Johnson's Brexit plan: No viability, no decency, no hope
(tags:UK Europe NorthernIreland borders Doom )
What Really Happens After the Apocalypse | Tor.com
(tags:apocalypse behaviour society scifi )
Basic income is paving a path to freedom in Kenya
(tags:kenya GuaranteedIncome )
GOP Racial Gerrymandering. This should be a much bigger scandal
(tags:racism voting corruption USA republicans )
Labour MP faces reselection battle amid backlash over stance on LGBT+ education
(tags:LGBT homophobia labour )
Why many "leavers" are against a confirmation referendum
(tags:UK Europe referendum )
Animal slaughter ruling in Belgium stirs religious freedom debate
(tags:animals food religion Europe Belgium )
On blackface, racism, society, and swimming in a sea of racism
(tags:racism history )
Doesn't look like we'll have many trade deals when we dump ourselves out of the EU
(tags:trade Europe UK Doom )
Carbon offsets are based on planting (or protecting) forests. Most of the time this doesn't happen
(tags:fraud carbon forests )
Iraq blocks Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram, shuts down internet
(tags:Iraq vegetation censorship internet )
Iraq anti-government protests lead to deadly clashes
(tags:Iraq protests )
Scotland gives children the same protection from assault as adults.
(tags:assault children violence Scotland GoodNews )
Cats show different attachment bonds to humans
(tags:cats psychology )
Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths: how subcultures die.
The language is somewhat patronising, but the dynamics look right from my experience
(tags:culture organisation geek )
The Myth of Commoditized Excellence - how ideas become movements, and then disillusionment sets in
(tags:organisation ideas society )
Why Girls' Superior Reading Skills May Be Lowering Their Future Salaries
(tags:gender pay mathematics language )
Why a split anti-Brexit vote may not be as good for the Conservatives as we assume.
(tags:voting UK Europe )

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