August 16th, 2019


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Where are we on Brexit, Part 3,141,527

(As usual, a collection of my current understandings. Where I'm wrong, let me know.)

Labour MPs are mostly willing to vote against No Deal. Conservatives have a fair number of MPs willing to vote against No Deal (although by no means a majority). Lib Dems, SNP, Green, PC, ChangeUK are universally against No Deal.

Labour's approach to avoiding No Deal is a Vote Of No Confidence, followed by a government of national unity with Jeremy Corbyn in charge of it.
Various of the parties are completely behind this. Lib Dems have said sure, if you have the votes. But you don't, because most of the Conservative Rebels, and none of ChangeUK are going to back a Jeremy Corbyn government. Which means it can't gain power.

The Lib Dems propose Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman instead, as the "Father" and "Mother" of the house (longest serving male and female MP, who have a fair bit of long-running respect from all sides, and aren't likely to go power-mad). Whether there are enough votes to support _them_ is an unanswered question.

So, a lot of agreement that Boris has to go, no agreement as to who replaces him. This is all opening salvo, of course. There's plenty of time for agreement to be found, if it's findable.

And this is not the only way forward. MPs previously passed a motion forcing Theresa May to extend the deadline. They can do so again even if they don't bring in a new MP. The Lib Dems are in favour of this. Jeremy Corbyn is willing to back it.

As to _how_ MPs can take power back (again), here's a brief explainer.

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