August 12th, 2019


Interesting Links for 12-08-2019

Alternative non-spherical earth theories
(tags:comic funny conspiracy earth )
The Post-Game Interview
(tags:funny sports interview comic )
Nicolas Cage on Acting, Philosophy and Searching for the Holy Grail
(tags:acting interview )
An occasional reminder that using seat predictors on current polling is stupid
(tags:polls politics uk viaDanielDWilliam )
If Disney want my money then this is what they'll do
(tags:StarWars muppets movies )
Official new pet naming technique
(tags:pets food names )
The audience at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, in multi-part harmony, singing from memory. The actual audience. No words on screen, no-one on stage. Just waiting, and singing.
(tags:wales singing amazing )
Bisexual people have worse mental than straight or gay people. Now researchers know why.
(tags:LGBT bisexual mentalhealth society )
Insect apocalypse in U.S. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides
(tags:pesticide insects Doom usa )
Why are there so many new books about time-travelling lesbians?
(tags:lgbt lesbians viaErindubitably books timetravel scifi history society )
Asda signs up its fridges to keep the UK warm this winter (I'm confused as to how this is in any way a battery)
(tags:electricity uk )
Speaking to yourself in the third person makes you wiser
(tags:psychology )
The Queen is not happy
(tags:UK politics monarchy )
The last magnetic pole flip saw 22,000 years of weirdness
(tags:magnets earth prehistory )
41 per cent say UK government should grant a second Scottish independence referendum
(tags:Scotland democracy )
Study shows e-bike riders get more exercise than cyclists
(tags:exercise bicycles electricity )
Worshipper, 65, takes down heavily armed mosque gunman before he can kill anyone
(tags:terrorism Islam fascism norway )

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