July 29th, 2019


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Moving Home Part 4

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You didn't think this was over, did you?

The valuation was processed about 15 minutes after I wrote the previous post last Saturday, and our mortgage was approved (hurrah!) - I then asked the mortgage people to let our solicitors know.

On Monday I emailed our solicitor, who had heard...nothing. So I contacted the mortgage people with both the fax and email address of the solicitor, and cc'd in the solicitor. A few emails back and forth, some miscommunication, and a quick losing and then finding of some crucial documents later, it was all in order.

Tuesday morning Jane and I got the bus out to Slateford and signed the paperwork. We arrived 30 minutes early, and had a lovely walk down the Water of Leith while we waited. The only possible issue, we were told, is that the sellers were on holiday.

Yes. I made that face too.

Fortunately, they seemed to be readily contactable wherever they were, and on the Wednesday missives were concluded and we were all good to go!

Also on Wednesday, Sophia came down with a temperature and was sent home from nursery. Which was problematic, as the plan had been to pack everything on Thursday while she was out of the flat. Instead we took it in turns packing boxes and child-minding, which meant that everything took longer than expected. We did get to a reasonable stopping point by about 8pm though, and collapsed in to bed.

We were up again at 7:30 the Friday morning. Sophia was still sick, but as the movers weren't due until 10:30 we had time to bubble-wrap the TV and get the last few items into boxes. The very last thing in was the internet router, just in case we needed last-minute access!

We were out of the flat around 12:30. It would have been earlier, but the sofa parts wouldn't fit out with their "feet" on, and the movers had every size of hex key _except_ that one. So I went out to buy some at the local shops, and had to go to three different ones before I found something suitable.

In any case, we were at the new place by 1pm. And then sat in the driveway for 90 minutes waiting for the final bits of transaction to go through so that the lawyers could release the keys to us. (The seller's agent was literally waiting for the post to turn up with the cheque from our solicitor. In the 21st century!)

Now, remember when I said the sofa only just fitted through the door? The new house had had a porch fitted a few years ago. And the door is about 2/3 the size of a normal front door. And has a sharp 90 degree turn. And the sofa didn't fit through. And while I was discussing what to do with Jane, the movers popped in to say that the two sections that the bed base split into _also_ didn't fit through.

So we agreed with the movers that they'd take the sofa and bed parts to the Jenners Depository storage unit, and I phoned the people who fitted the porch to ask what we could do. And they're sending out an assessor on Wednesday to take a look, but it will probably be a case of popping out the living room window and getting everything in, and then resealing the window back in.

Sophia's fever and cough got even worse that afternoon (it was almost painful putting my fingers under her armpits), so around 4:30pm I phoned the doctor and made an appointment for 5pm, and got a taxi down. They checked her over, diagnosed her with croup, and told me to mix and match paracetamol and nurofen to keep her temperature down. And gave me some steroids that there wasn't a chance in hell I'd be able to get in to her (as she drinks very little liquid except out of Jane's breast, and I couldn't see an easy way to get the steroids _in_ to Jane's breast).

We took the rest of the weekend deliberately easily. Unpacked some boxes, but didn't rush anything, and didn't get worked up about a deadline. We went out for breakfast in Morningside (20 minutes walk West) and shopping in Cameron Toll (20 minutes walk East), and generally had a chilled time of it, which we really needed.

Thankfully the nurofen/paracetamol did a good job of keeping Sophia's temperature down over the weekend and both the temperature and the cough retreated. There's still 5 minutes of retching and coughing when she wakes up from lying down, but other than that her temper has been good.

To the point where I took her to nursery this morning, thinking she was up to it. I thought she was just a bit tired, and a little whiny (as she tends to be when Jane isn't about when she wakes up. Dad is fine for fun, but Mum is definitely currently preferred for wake-up snuggles.) Turns out that after I left she wasn't herself, and her temperature was a bit high, and she was needing 1-on-1 attention or she got tearful, which isn't sustainable by the nursery.

So I cam back out of work (where I'd solved two minor problems for people and cleared my email backlog), picked her up, and am now back home with a snoring baby, typing this very quietly.

And if anyone has a sleepy baby who can't get themselves to actually fall asleep, then I highly recommend this series of videos of famous dance scenes in movies with the wrong songs over them. My favourites are "Saturday Night Fever vs Metallica" and "Flashdance vs Bon Jovi". They were the perfect length to keep a tired baby's attention (particularly as she loves music and dancing), and she then passed out completely when I played her Gangnam Style.

I'll leave you with this tiny snoring cherub (Even more pink and fuzzy than usual because the curtains are shut. And pink.):

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