June 19th, 2019


Interesting Links for 19-06-2019

The CIA Spied on People Through Their Samsung Smart TVs
(tags:tv spying surveillance cia )
Nigel Farage milkshake attacker pleads guilty to assault and criminal damage
(tags:assault uk politics fascism )
Why women leave academia and why universities should be worried
(tags:women phd academia )
No, most Labour voters are not working class Leavers
(tags:labour europe )
Butterless puff pastry is bad enough. But other food hacks can be fatal
(tags:foo money death )
Two centuries of rapid global population growth will come to an end
(tags:demographics growth earth humans )
Why Is Europe's Far Right Targeting Gender Studies?
(tags:Europe society gender fascism )
ITV bans all comedies written solely by men
(tags:writing gender tv UK )
The "realistic" Disney characters are great (particularly Megara, Ursula, and Frollo)
(tags:Disney art )
The Flag Of Northern Ireland (of which there isn't one. Sort of)
(tags:NorthernIreland flags video history )
DWP fit-to-work assessments cost more money than they save
(tags:UK welfare disability OhForFucksSake Conservatives )
This is a woman who knows how to handle a lightsaber
(tags:StarWars stunts video impressive )
Engineers boost output of solar desalination system by 50%
(tags:desalination solar )
Boaty McBoatface makes significant climate change discovery on first mission
(tags:globalwarming ocean antarctic )
Ivan Rogers: no deal is now the most likely Brexit outcome
(tags:UK Europe Doom )
Brexit: MPs take legal action to force police to act over crimes committed by Leave campaign during EU referendum
(tags:uk police fraud politics europe )

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