March 15th, 2019


Interesting Links for 15-03-2019

On the goddess Eostre, and the lack of evidence anyone ever believed in her
(tags:easter religion history myths )
Why you shouldn't be self-deprecating
(tags:confidence )
Edinburgh Trams: Councillors approve tram extension to Newhaven
(tags:trams edinburgh transport )
EU parliament fails to back US trade talks amid fears over 'bullying' Trump policies
(tags:trade europe usa )
New fuel cell material can run efficiently in reverse, storing energy (75% round trip efficency)
(tags:energy storage )
A dog potentially exposed more than 100 people to black plague in Colorado
(tags:disease usa dogs )
Iranian lawyer who defended women's right to remove hijab gets 38 years
(tags:women rights iran OhForFucksSake )
Gwern's law": 'ads cost you a tenth of your users'
(tags:advertising )
Earliest issues of Tolkien Society publications digitised
(tags:history Tolkien )
Bus wars set to return to Edinburgh's streets as First squares up to Lothian
(tags:buses edinburgh )
Prisoners in England to be taught to code
(tags:UK prison education programming )
The Revolutionary Discovery of a Distributed Virus
(tags:virus biology genes )
New Zealand mosque shootings: At least 40 killed in Christchurch terror attack
(tags:newzealand Islam terrorism )
The climate of fear that Muslims feel in the USA (and presumably many other places)
(tags:usa Islam fear )
After the porn ban, Tumblr users have ditched the platform as promised - dropping traffic by 30%
(tags:tumblr web fail censorship OhForFucksSake )

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Things I wish my brain didn't do.

I really wish my brain didn't hold a list of "Things Andy doesn't want to think about", which it then connects to random other things that I didn't want my brain to be doing.

Jane just messaged me with something that made her happy. So I sent her a message back, and included an animated GIF based on the search "Happy Dance".

Which brought up Baloo dancing to "I Wanna Be Like You" from Disney's "The Jungle Book" (specifically the bit where he says "And I'm loaded with both").

Which instantly earwormed me with the song, because it's one of Sophia's favourites.

And realising I was earwormed made my brain go "Oh yes, this is a brain thing we don't like. So now you've lost The Game too."

And then, about a second later, added "And also The Human Centipede Game."

Which then reminded me of the existence of A Serbian Film (I recommend not looking that up. And definitely not reading the Wikipedia summary, particularly if you find it hard to get horrible things out of your head.)

And then I felt a compulsion to tell all of you about it, in the hope that this would in some way pass it on.

Which makes me feel like I'm in The Ring. Which terrified me.


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