February 27th, 2019


Interesting Links for 27-02-2019

Beware The Curse of The Sweater!
(tags:clothing belief weird )
Martina Navratilova cries foul over her anti trans words being used to block LGBT rights in Montana
(tags:lgbt OhForFucksSake )
Rich getting richer while poor get poorer, official figures show
(tags:uk inequality )
Explained:What is the deal with the new Labour policy on a second Brexit referendum?
(tags:labour referendum uk europe )
No-deal Brexit panic after ministers realise the UK doesn't have the right pallets for exporting to the EU
(tags:trade eu doom fail uk )
Ah, the good old homophobic Church of England
(tags:ChurchOfEngland homophobia lgbt OhForFucksSake religion uk )
Anyone I know using Vero? The idea of an ad-free social network is good. But only if anyone I know is using it!
(tags:socialnetworking advertising )
Emma Thompson's letter to Skydance: Why I can't work for John Lasseter
(tags:animation abuse pixar movies )
What does the British government think will happen in the event of No Deal?
(tags:UK europe doom )
BBC and ITV team up to launch Netflix rival "BritBox"
(tags:uk tv streaming )
Jeremy Corbyn Wakes From 2-Year Coma
(tags:UK labour politics europe satire funny )
Strange Planet (delightful comics highlighting how odd things are)
(tags:life funny comic ViaDrCross )
Rule Thinkers In, Not Out
(tags:society science research )
Historic walkway reopens joining the Old Town and the New Town once more
(tags:edinburgh )
Arthur's Seat fire: firefighters tackle huge blaze on Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh
(tags:edinburgh fire )
The India/Pakistan situation is deteriorating
(tags:India Pakistan doom )
British shooting range using images of Shamima Begum as target practice.
(tags:OhForFucksSake uk guns islam )

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