January 16th, 2019


Interesting Links for 16-01-2019

Even when the victim has been unable to consent for over a decade, the media is still unwilling to call rape rape.
(tags: rape language journalism usa consent )
Exhibition offers glimpse of how Edinburgh might have looked if 1960s plans had gone ahead
(tags: edinburgh history design transport )
Government sneaks out £7,000 pension cut for poorest elderly couples
(tags: uk pensions austerity )
Highway to the Danger Zone: The Heterosexual Tragedy of Top Gun
(tags: funny lgbt movies TomCruise )
This kind of outpouring of support is what I love about the internet.
(tags: disabilities internet )
After Brexit vote: No 10 looking at what, if anything, might get a majority
(tags: uk europe politics )
The Search for England?s Forgotten Footpaths
(tags: england walking history )
Defamation law to be reformed in Scotland
(tags: Scotland law )
I absolutely, totally, 100% agree with this Brexit prediction
(tags: warhammer funny uk europe satire )
What do MPs actually *want*?
(tags: politics UK europe )
On GMO safety, the fiercest opponents understand the least
(tags: genetics ignorance )
US President Signs Government-Wide Open Data Bill
(tags: OpenAccess data usa government )
Brexit, what just happened and what happens next?
(tags: UK europe )
Genes reveal clues about people's potential life expectancy
(tags: lifespan genetics )
The 35 different ways your face conveys emotions
(tags: emotion faces )
EU will not renegotiate Withdrawal Agreement, but could update political declaration on future relationship if our red lines change
(tags: uk europe )
New Findings Could Help Explain Why ADHD Is Often Overlooked In Girls
(tags: adhd girls women diagnosis )
Theresa May's vow to contact 'senior parliamentarians' is a complete sham
(tags: uk europe OhForFucksSake politics )

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Tell me I'm wrong: Brexit Withdrawal Agreement edition

I've now had disagreements with multiple people over how the Withdrawal Agreement would be different if Theresa May's red lines over the future relationship were to be different.

Looking at the key points here, or a different summary here, I really can't see what would be different if the red lines were different.

The future relationship, absolutely, yes. But the WA covers a divorce payment, a transition period, and an Irish border backstop. I can't see any of those changing. So what do people think _would_ change? Is there a decent writeup covering what would be different? What am I missing?

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