November 21st, 2018


Interesting Links for 21-11-2018

George R.R. Martin, now 'in hiding,' has wondered if he'll ever finish The Winds of Winter
(tags: gameofthrones GeorgeRRMartin )
The predictions of Robert A. Heinlein, from the Cold War to the waterbed
(tags: robertheinlein predictions )
Flat Earth conference attendees explain how they have been brainwashed by YouTube and Infowars
"It looks like you're easily taken in, how about you watch a video about how to join cults next?"
(tags: youtube videos fraud OhForFucksSake )
Nicola Sturgeon vows to work with Tory rebels and Labour to build Commons 'coalition' against May's Brexit deal
(tags: SNP uk europe )
They Shall Not Grow Old was an amazing piece of documentary filmmaking. I was riveted.
(tags: wwi history documentary peterjackson )
Bringing the Android kernel back to the mainline
(tags: android linux )
An independent Scotland should be allowed to rejoin EU, Spanish foreign minister says
(tags: Scotland Spain Europe )
New Labour was far more leftwing than it is given credit for
(tags: labour UK history )
Ruth Coker Burks, the cemetery angel
(tags: aids usa history death )
Brain-Destroying Prions Also Spread Through Victims' Eyes
(tags: eyes brain disease )
RPGs are Done with Edgelords and Bigots | Pop Culture Uncovered
(tags: roleplaying society racism sexism OhForFucksSake )
Amber Rudd admits new Brexit referendum on table if Theresa May's deal rejected by parliament
(tags: uk europe )
A mathematical proof that every odd integer is the difference of two squares - which fits in a tweet!
(tags: twitter mathematics )
The greatest Christian schism in hundreds of years happened last month.
(tags: christianity russia ukraine )
Lancet restaurant gives medical professionals discounts based on publication impact factor
(tags: medicine research food china )
The Brown One, The Honey Eater, The Shaggy Coat, The Destroyer - why bears are called anything but their real name
(tags: bears language )

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