November 10th, 2018


Interesting Links for 10-11-2018

Edinburgh's road signs hacked by artist
(tags: roads sign graffiti art edinburgh )
More than 50% of countries now have a declining population
(tags: population children GoodNews )
Women over 34 are being refused IVF treatment in England
(tags: uk england fertility women nhs )
Number of shop closures in Scotland accelerates
(tags: scotland shopping )
Iceland's Christmas TV advert banned for being too political
(tags: iceland advertising uk politics business )
The 2018 US Gender voting Gap Was Huge
(tags: voting politics usa gender )
Ryanair plane seized by French authorities in cash row
(tags: airplanes france subsidies )
We didn’t have to do Brexit in this damn silly way
(tags: uk europe epicfail )
Female Afghan barrister sacked in favour of white man
(tags: women afghanistan law uk bigotry )
Conservative minister resigns over Brexit deal - demands new referendum.
(tags: UK europe Conservatives )
A Work in Progress: Earthsea Sketches by Charles Vess (I have the book on my Christmas list)
(tags: UrsulaKLegGuin books fantasy )
Photos of Kristallnacht.
(tags: Jews holocaust history germany )
Before Envelopes, People Protected Messages With Letterlocking
(tags: history paper letter )
Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Being Sued Over Satanic Deity
(tags: religion TV intellectual_property )
Living in Canada? Now you can date through Facebook
(tags: facebook dating relationships )
Jeremy Corbyn angers Labour MPs as he declares 'we can't stop Brexit'
(tags: labour UK europe OhForFucksSake )
EU clamps down on Isle of Man tax loophole for private jets and yachts
(tags: tax europe UK )

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