October 28th, 2018


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It's been a long week

The week before was also tiring, because Jane had the cold for a chunk of it, and didn't have a lot of energy. This week started off with me having an early start in work (8am, when I normally start at 9:30*) and then meeting Jane after work for both of us to get flu vaccinations**.

I don't know if it was a week of being around a sick person, or if that plus the vaccination overloaded my immune system, but Tuesday morning I clearly had the same cold that Jane was now getting over. I went home that afternoon, feeling sorry for myself. And then didn't go in on Wednesday. Or Thursday. When I woke up on Thursday morning I wasn't 100% sure whether to take the day off or not, but considering that when I walked to the shops in the afternoon I had to spend half an hour lying down when I got back, I figure it was the right choice.

On Thursday I got an email from our bed delivery company. We bought a bed about a month ago, as the current one one is now getting pretty old. I put it on Facebook and someone offered to take it off my hands, which is useful for both of us. So when the email arrived on Thursday, telling me the bed was being delivered on Saturday, I dropped them a message to let them know. And on Friday they got back to me, to let me know that they weren't able to get hold of a van in time. So I spent an hour on Saturday morning clearing a ton of space in (what will be) Sophia's room, taking apart the bed, and putting it in there.

And then half an hour after that the delivery company phoned me and told me that the van had broken down, and would be a few hours late, so I was allowed to go out. Which I did, to go buy new duvet covers, etc. As we were buying a new bed we'd decided to upgrade to Super Kingsize (180cm x 200cm) - about 20cm wider than the current bed. Figuring that this would give us enough space for Jane, Sophia, Jim, and myself. As we frequently wake up with Jane half out of the bed on one side, me half out the other side, and Sophia and Jim starfished in the middle of the bed this seemed like a sensible investment.

Just before this, while I was hoovering the floor under where the bed had been I discovered that the vacuum cleaner (over a decade old) was falling apart. So I picked up one of those as well. Carrying all of which back would have been fine, except that while I was out I had the unwelcome reminder that colds tend to kick off my IBS***. So I miserably carried it all back in a bit of pain, and then collapsed back on the sofa for a while again.

And then the delivery people called back to say that, actually, the van was completely dead, I wouldn't be getting a sofa today, and could they book me back in for Wednesday. Which made me _very_ glad that my bed hadn't been taken away that morning. So I contacted the bed-takers and told them they couldn't have it until Wednesday (which it turns out didn't work for them because of Samhuinn and a presentation for their Masters, so Friday), and then I put the bed back together (with Jane's help). I'm fairly sure I can now strip down and rebuild that bed blindfolded.

Did not sleep well, despite the worst of the cold being over, because I'm having a coughing fit about every 5 minutes. Took Night Nurse, and eventually passed out.

Sunday was nicer, and we had a lovely brunch at Dishoom with Ray and Clare**** followed by a walk home. During which I got very shivery. But not in a "You have a cold" way. More in a "You have very low blood sugar" way. I checked the ingredients on Day Nurse and discovered it has 13.5g of sugar in a dose. Or, about 3 times what I can have in a single serving of anything without nasty knock-on effects. So a trip to the pharmacy was in order, and I got some Day Nurse pills rather than the liquid, and hopefully that will work out better.

This afternoon will be spent relaxing, I think. Because that's about all the energy any of us have for anything.

I hope you're all in better health than we are. If anyone has the energy to come round and paint a red cross above the door then let me know and I'll email you our address...

*I start later and finish later. Which works out very well for me and the company, because if I start at 8am I spend the first half of the day staring blearily at my monitor with no idea what is going on in the world.
**Totally worth it, because I absolutely don't want to be a vector for Sophia to get infected.
***Which seems to be of the FODMAP variety, where certain foods cause stomach bacteria to go into overdrive, inflame things, and produce lots of gas. And gunk going down the back of my throat also has this effect, causing my stomach to swell up like an overinflated balloon.
****After having to abandon plans to see various people during the week it was lovely to have a nice relaxed chat and watch them pull faces at Sophia.

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