October 25th, 2018


Interesting Links for 25-10-2018

A guide to surviving a transphobic dogpile
(tags: lgbt transgender internet )
Russia blocks UK's post-Brexit tariff proposal at WTO
(tags: UK europe wto Russia doom )
Moldova Grudge Could Cost U.K. Access to $1.7 Trillion Projects
(tags: wto UK europe doom )
European parliament approves sweeping ban on single-use plastics
(tags: plastic europe environment )
Eugene Shoemaker Is Still the Only Man Buried on the Moon
(tags: death moon )
Can’t sleep? Perhaps you’re overtired
(tags: sleep stress )
First analysis of ‘pre-registered’ studies shows sharp rise in null findings
(tags: science research transparency )
List: Top 5 Horror Films for Lesbians
(tags: lesbians lgbt horror satire funny )
Fred Savage to Reprise Princess Bride Role in Deadpool 2 PG-13 Rerelease
(tags: movies marvel comics wtf )
'At Halloween the veil between the worlds grows thin' is often cited as an 'ancient Celtic' belief, but it appears to be completely modern, first mentioned in print in 1979 and not referenced at all in any older works on Halloween
(tags: halloween belief history )
Alberta hunts for more cannabis producers as demand drains supplies
(tags: marijuana canada )
Green tea capsules can kill you
(tags: tea death supplements )
The Daily Mail and Brexit: a very public shift
(tags: DailyMail UK europe )
People's Vote analysis: 40% of the public up for grabs by either side (fascinating breakdown of reasons too)
(tags: UK europe demographics )

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