September 18th, 2018


Interesting Links for 18-09-2018

Details on the end of European time changes
(tags: time europe )
Early gender tests leading to selective abortions of girls in UK
(tags: patriarchy uk abortion )
Who likes to be alone? Not introverts
(tags: introversion personality loneliness psychology )
Household cleaning products may contribute to kids being overweight by altering their gut microbiota
(tags: children microbiome cleanliness weight )
Growing up in a violent environment is bad for kids, whether or not you are directly bullied
(tags: violence bullying children behaviour )
How safety standards made infant walkers 90% safer
(tags: safety children walking )
People tend to cluster into four distinct personality groups
(tags: personality psychology )
Using literally figuratively is literally prehistoric
(tags: language history )
Only a quarter of Mail readers think UK will get good Brexit deal. Mostly they blame the British government
(tags: UK Europe fail polls newspapers DailyMail )
In January 2019 Britain will switch from a pro-Brexit to an anti-Brexit country - even if nobody changed their minds
(tags: UK Europe demographics )
Coca-Cola in talks to develop cannabis drinks
(tags: marijuana cocacola inflammation )
Sixteen gambling regulators unite to grumble about loot boxes and skin gambling
(tags: gambling games regulation )
A memory of Rees-Mogg
(tags: Conservatives politics class )
Value of EU citizens to the economy is the equivalent of 5p on income tax
(tags: europe uk tax doom )
UK children with maths difficulties (dyscalculia) are 100 times less likely to receive an official diagnosis than peers with dyslexia
(tags: mathematics children fail uk )

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