September 12th, 2018


Interesting Links for 12-09-2018

Societal issues explained (by throwing people down pits)
(tags: society satire )
The EU is betting that Brexit will make a trade deal with India a little easier.
(tags: europe india uk trade )
Why has Brexit become a legal matter when it should be a political matter?
(tags: politics uk Europe law )
Kieron Gillen's new comic looks interesting
(tags: comics roleplaying )
Brexit: Now Conservatives are suggesting the EEA for three years as a stop-gap.
(tags: uk europe doom )
There has been no Corbyn surge in Scotland
(tags: Scotland labour politics )
EA defies Belgian loot box decision, setting up potential gambling lawsuit
If they decide that loot boxes are gambling then I can't see how, for instance, Hearthstone card packs aren't. Or, indeed, Magic: The Gathering card packs. This one could be absolutely massive.
(tags: gambling games belgium )
Which artist do you think draws the most handsome/beautiful/sexiest characters in comics? Any genre. (Nice range of styles in the replies)
(tags: comics art beauty )
'She has to go': Conservative MPs meet over plot to oust Theresa May
I don't actually think she'll lose a vote of no confidence
(tags: conservatives )
Barnier confronts Raab over discovery of Brexit no-deal letters to EU27
(tags: Europe UK doom )
Movie Star's Absence Shows Perils of Show Business in China
(tags: movies China money )
Brexit: EU can 'certainly not' accept Theresa May's single market plan, Juncker warns
(tags: europe uk doom )
‘Super-recognisers’ employed by UK police to hunt criminals may not be identifying people correctly
(tags: faces vision uk police fail )
The Effectiveness of Publicly Shaming Bad Security
(tags: security journalism )
Finding balance in the universe, a short story
(tags: short_story scifi ethics morality )
A single gene mutation may have helped humans become optimal long-distance runners
(tags: humans genetics running )
Tom Watson says Momentum should drop speaker who vandalised Warsaw ghetto
(tags: labour Jews OhForFucksSake )

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