September 11th, 2018


Interesting Links for 11-09-2018

Ancient farmers spared us from glaciers by profoundly changing Earth's climate
(tags: globalwarming farming prehistory )
"I survived the Warsaw ghetto. Here are the lessons I’d like to pass on"
(tags: Holocaust history genocide fascism wwii Poland europe )
No, the Sweden Democrats aren’t “kingmakers”. They don’t get to choose the next government. Here’s why
(tags: SweDen politics )
Generative Art Finds Its Prodigy
(tags: art Technology )
European shipping firms begin panicking about no-deal Brexit: 'Okay, it could be serious'
(tags: UK Europe trade doom )
Brexit: Barnier says agreement possible by early November
(tags: uk europe doom )
US to close Palestinian mission in Washington
(tags: usa palestine israel )
George Orwell: Why Socialists Don't Believe In Fun
(tags: GeorgeOrwell fun happiness utopia )
Doctor Who - A New Beginning - what are the plans for the new season?
(tags: drwho )
Some publishing advice you're not going to like
(tags: publishing advice )
The intensity of shame people feel when they imagine various actions accurately predicts the degree to which others devalue them if they carry them out
(tags: shame psychology society )
People are using cash less and less as a percentage of spending. (I'm almost exclusively Contactless nowadays)
(tags: money Technology )
Global demand for fossil fuels will peak in 2023, says thinktank
(tags: co2 environment globalwarming thefuture GoodNews )
Turns out Conservative eurosceptics can't even agree with each other about what they want
(tags: europe Conservatives fail )
The Spider-Man Proposal Easter Egg has a Darker Side
(tags: spiderman relationships games )

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