September 8th, 2018


Interesting Links for 08-09-2018

What commercial awareness is and what it should not be (lawyer focused, but the basics apply to any contractor)
(tags: business law )
Theresa May’s Brexit proposals 'not workable, basically' says EU's Michel Barnier
(tags: uk europe doom )
How Sexism in Medicine Is Hurting Breast Cancer Survivors
(tags: breasts cancer doctors patriarchy OhForFucksSake viaFJM )
Europe is not older than America
(tags: history Europe America )
This is basically how I feel about the concept of nation states
(tags: countries nationality )
'Mindful people' feel less pain
(tags: mindfulness pain psychology )
“Sand Dams” Are Transforming African Drylands
(tags: water sand africa environment farming )
Eye movements take edge off traumatic memories
(tags: trauma eyes psychology )
FactCheck: Russia is spreading discredited theories about the Salisbury attack
(tags: assassination Russia poison fraud )
Shared lifetime of grandmothers and grandchildren significantly increased since 1800s
(tags: grandparents life children lifespan women )
The Lib Dems in Scotland just lost any support I might have given them
(tags: libdem scotland independence )
As Germans Seek News, YouTube Delivers Far-Right Tirades
(tags: YouTube racism OhForFucksSake news )
The Subway Doesn't Have to Be Hot and Gross
(tags: London tube transport newyork )
Wi-Fi Gets More Secure: What You Need to Know About WPA3
(tags: wifi security technology thefuture )
10 Comic Books That Should Be Movies (or TV)
(tags: comics movies )

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