September 3rd, 2018


Interesting Links for 03-09-2018

The UK's Brexit trade proposals are not even slightly acceptable to the EU
(tags: uk europe trade doom )
Vredefort Crater, the world’s oldest and largest known impact structure
(tags: meteor asteroids earth geology )
On American presidents and nuance
(tags: usa politics president )
Why federated social media will struggle with moderation, by someone with a huge amount of experience dealing with abuse and harassment online
(tags: dreamwidth livejournal abuse socialmedia )
Quiet Carriages are an Autistic lifeline. Please don’t take them away.
(tags: transport autism noise trains mentalhealth )
Frank Baum's uncomfortable relationship with Oz
(tags: Oz writing )
Brexit will lead to majorities for Irish unification and Scottish independence
(tags: Ireland NorthernIreland Scotland uk europe independence )
masochistic epistemology - When you believe that "what hurts, is true." things can only get worse
(tags: philosophy mentalhealth life emotion )
Brexit: Things are about to get exceedingly intense
(tags: uk Europe doom )
Hysteria Was Not Treated With Vibrators
(tags: women orgasm history psychology fraud viaCipherGoth )
YouTube algorithm deliberately recommended Brexit videos
(tags: uk Europe youtube )
“A safety net for the people of Europe”: 65 years of the European Convention on Human Rights
(tags: rights europe )
Brexit: Hundreds of Whitehall officials leave department in charge of EU withdrawal
(tags: Europe UK fail )

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